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Well, that was fun.
Johnny Dee of Britny Fox: photo shoot behind the scenesJohnny Dee & Michael Kelly Smith of Britny Fox: photo shoot behind the scenesTommy Paris, Billy Childs, and Michael Kelly Smith of Britny FoxTrixter backstage (PJ Farley, Steve Brown, Mark "Gus" Scott, Pete Loran)Trixter backstage at a different show (Pete Loran, Mark "Gus" Scott, PJ Farley, Steve Brown)Pete Loran of TrixterSteve Brown & Pete Loran of Trixter with a fanJohnny Dee (Britny Fox) & Danny Vaughn (Tyketto)Johnny Dee (Britny Fox) & Steve Brown (Trixter)Dweezil Zappa & George LynchTaime Down (Faster Pussycat)Michael Ross (Gypsy Rose)Brian Joyce (Gypsy Rose)Brian Joyce (Gypsy Rose)Craig Van Gaver (Gypsy Rose)Danny Vaughn of Tyketto reading fan mail backstageLenny Wolf of Kingdom ComeSlik ToxikLinsk at recording studio (Tim, John, Dave, & Mike)Linsk at recording studio (top: Tim, Mike; bottom: Dave, John)