Debonair Music Hall
Teaneck, NJ
March 26, 2022

Jimmy Chalfont, drummer
Brian Forsythe, guitarist
Bob Pare, guitarist
Mark Schenker, bassist
Steve Whiteman, singer

A big THANK YOU to Mark Schenker for approving these photos and giving me full access!
Kix band - backstage viewSteve WhitemanMark SchenkerBrian ForsytheBob ParéJimmy ChalfontMark Schenker, Steve Whiteman, & Bob ParéBrian ForsytheMark SchenkerSteve Whiteman & Mark SchenkerMark SchenkerBrian ForsytheMark SchenkerSteve WhitemanMark Schenker & Brian ForsytheKix bandSteve Whiteman & Mark SchenkerBob Paré, Steve Whiteman, & Mark SchenkerJimmy ChalfontBrian Forsythe, Mark Schenker, Bob Pare, Steve Whiteman