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Eric Martin Band, featuring Trixter (PJ Farley and Steve Brown) and Joey Cassata. Shot at Artie's in Frenchtown, NJ, on August 21, 2021.

BIG THANKS to Eric Martin for giving me permission to shoot the show!!
Joey CassataPJ FarleySteve BrownPJ FarleyJoey CassataSteve BrownPJ FarleyJoey Cassata (touchdown!) & Steve BrownPJ Farley & Steve BrownPJ Farley & Steve BrownJoey CassataPJ FarleyPJ FarleySteve BrownSteve Brown & PJ FarleySteve BrownPJ Farley & Steve BrownSteve BrownSteve Brown & Guitarist (sorry, I don't know your name)Steve Brown