These photos are from their show at Sony Hall in New York City, just half a block from Times Square.

Michael Schenker Group is Michael Schenker on guitar, vocalist Ronnie Romero, guitarist and keyboardist Steve Mann, bassist Barend Courbois, and drummer Bodo Schopf.
MSG: Michael Schenker Group 3832Michael Schenker 3856Michael Schenker 9292Michael Schenker 9353Steve Mann 9364Ronnie Romero 9402Steve Mann & Ronnie Romero 9408Ronnie Romero 9446Steve Mann & Barend Courbois 9455Steve Mann & Barend Courbois 9462Ronnie Romero 9469Ronnie Romero 9474Barend Courbois 9494Steve Mann 9510Steve Mann 9514Ronnie Romero 9551Ronnie Romero 9557Michael Schenker 9568Ronnie Romero 9570Ronnie Romero 9577e2